//No.1 Beard Balm 30g

No.1 Beard Balm 30g


Our signature beard balm acts as a moisturiser as well as a styling agent. Light to medium hold , you cannot go wrong with this balm. Go on, let your beard do it.

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What makes our beard balms unique are the ingredients we have used to create a perfectly blended balm that acts as a skin moisturiser, as well as a styling agent for your face mane. The ingredients include Shea butter, Jojoba, Lanolin, Olive extract, Yellow  beezwax , Coconut oil and Labdanum. The makeup of this balm aids in keeping the skin and face mane healthy. The amount required depends on the results you are willing to achieve. A small amount rubbed between the palms of your hands and applied directly to your face mane will give you a light hold. Increase the amount of application for a more firm hold.



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