//Stainless Steel Scissors & Mahogany Beard Comb

Stainless Steel Scissors & Mahogany Beard Comb


Double combo, a pair of Stainless Steel Scissors to aid with trimming away split ends and a Mahogany Beard Comb for detangling your face mane.

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Mahogany Beard Comb

Our beard combs are made with Mahogany wood, designed to last during the growth and maintenance phase. First brush your beard in an upwards motion to make sure the beard oil you have applied is under your face mane. Then continue to brush in a downwards motion to tame and style.

Compact Stainless Steel Scissors

Our stainless steel beard scissors are compact and light, making them easy for transport and use. Use the scissors to trim split or brittle ends. This utensil should not be used to cut or shape your face mane.


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